January 15, 2019

Space Mosque

Saks Afridi’s mystical world of “Sci-Fi Sufism” on display in NYC.

For the past couple of weeks FORM has been working closely with New York artist Saks Afridi on several pieces for his show Space Mosque, up January 17 – February 23rd at NYC’s Aicon Gallery. Saks was previously a recipient for Form’s 2017-2018 R&D Fellowship. The show comprises fabricated artifacts/objects and depictions of futuristic “spiritual machines” that are part of a complex para-fictional history of sorts meant, in Saks’ words, to “show that Islamic folklore and mythology can also have a contemporary and imaginative voice. Let’s expand old perceptions. This project uses science fiction and Islamic mysticism to create a new thought provoking experience aiming to promote cultural understanding and challenge stigmas in an engaging and current way.”

Check it out if you can, or view his previous works at Saksafridi.com. Sneak peak of his pieces coming together: