At Form, we implement project-specific combinations of traditional clay sculpting, 3D scanning, digital sculpting, CNC milling, and 3D printing. Our services include the design and production of original works of art, enlargements & reductions, and precise replications of existing sculptures, props and prototypes.

3D Scanning

Advanced 3D scanning capabilities are as important to additive manufacturing as material innovations. Our skilled technicians use an variety of structured-light cameras, photogrammetry, and 3D scanning and processing software in order to capture a high level of detail and emotional quality in the art. Stationary scanning, life-scanning, and photogrammetry may be done in our studio or on location.

3D Printing

Form offers high resolution 3D Printing in a variety of materials to appropriately suit the scale of your project. Our unique large format 3d printed molds and investment casting processes offer efficient alternatives to traditional mold-making. With directly investable patterns, the need for costly and time consuming molds is eliminated. Enlargements can be produced directly from an original, without having to sculpt a second time.


CNC Milling is the earliest form of 3D “printing” and is still the best choice for many large scale projects, as material options come in a wide range of weights and densities. With both rotary and 3 axis milling, dimensions are limitless.

Artist Services

Great art often comes with great challenges. At Form, we can tailor virtually any of our processes to meet those challenges. We make the creation of dimensional forms, from miniature to monumental scales, not only possible in ways that were previously unavailable, but more efficient and cost effective as well.

Commercial Services

With a critical eye, a commitment to precision, and a diverse array of materials at our disposal, our team of artists and craftsmen and women can deliver a quality product on a deadline.