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February 20, 2019

FORM in Santa Fe, NM Technology and Art Workshop FEB 23RD

This Saturday February 23rd: Rob Arps and Steve and Barbara Christman of FORM will be on the ground in Sante Fe, NM with artist Star Liana York to host this workshop – Using Technology to Scale your Sculptures – at Sorrel Sky Gallery. The workshop will be focused on how technology has evolved to help artists scale their reproductions in a streamlined and timely way. Workshop includes a talk and 3d scanning demonstrations. Bring a sculpture in finished clay or bronze to be scanned. Additional fees may apply. If you are unable to attend, get in touch with us and we may be able to schedule a scan of your work in the following days. For more information, visit the events page at or email Steve directly at with any questions you may have about the event.

February 5, 2019


FORM is looking forward with much anticipation to the 29th International Sculpture Conference (ISC), which will be held in our hometown of Portland, Oregon this year. The Call for Panels is now open! For submission details visit: or contact the event department at: or (609) 689-1051 x302.


The International Sculpture Center is seeking a diverse and comprehensive program, covering topics relevant to sculpture today, at the 29th International Sculpture Conference on October 12-15, 2019.


All panel proposals must be submitted electronically via the form on the ISC website. No faxed, mailed, or emailed abstracts will be accepted.


The deadline for submissions is March 14, 2019. All late proposals will automatically be placed on a waiting list.


This year’s conference will focus on topics in contemporary sculpture and proposals submitted should fall into the below categories. We are looking for panels which explore the following topics and ideas:


  • Redefining Sculpture in the Digital Age
  • Asian Influences in Contemporary Sculpture
  • Muddy Waters: Bridging the Classic and Contemporary Gap
  • Collecting and Collections
  • Makers in the Margins
  • The Life of Public Art
  • The Art of Learning and Teaching Sculpture
  • Green Only: The Impact Art Has on the Environment
  • Technical Talks/Workshops
  • Wildcard

January 15, 2019

Space Mosque

Saks Afridi’s mystical world of “Sci-Fi Sufism” on display in NYC.

For the past couple of weeks FORM has been working closely with New York artist Saks Afridi on several pieces for his show Space Mosque, up January 17 – February 23rd at NYC’s Aicon Gallery. Saks was previously a recipient for Form’s 2017-2018 R&D Fellowship. The show comprises fabricated artifacts/objects and depictions of futuristic “spiritual machines” that are part of a complex para-fictional history of sorts meant, in Saks’ words, to “show that Islamic folklore and mythology can also have a contemporary and imaginative voice. Let’s expand old perceptions. This project uses science fiction and Islamic mysticism to create a new thought provoking experience aiming to promote cultural understanding and challenge stigmas in an engaging and current way.”

Check it out if you can, or view his previous works at Sneak peak of his pieces coming together:

November 15, 2018

MONUMENTS at the Portland Art Museum

Don’t miss your opportunity to check out this amazing show: MONUMENTS – The Earth Expedition of Sun Ra at the Portland Art Museum. The show – which Form had the opportunity to contribute this 3d printed bust of the legendary jazz composer Sun Ra to – is up until January 27th. Put on by art director Libby Werbel and the local group DUG (Deep Under Ground), this show asks us: in this era, what new monuments do we wish to build?

In addition to the art, the Sun Ra Arkestra will also be performing at the museum’s Kridel Grand Ballroom on January 2nd, 2019. Not to be missed!

We are humbled to have been able to be a part of this amazing Project.








February 14, 2018

An interview with 2017-2018 Form R&D Fellowship recipient, Saks Afridi.

Q: Seeing this translate from digital to print, what and how has your process been in creating the “We the People” piece?

Saks: Forming new collaborations and partnerships can be a tricky proposition for many artists but I personally find the experience quite exciting. I came into art from the world of advertising, where working with teams of specialists is common and the results, when done right, can be powerful.

The artwork is a sculpture called, ‘We the people’. It is a celebration of the immigration rigor and spirit that lives within the negative spaces in the fabric of our nation. I’m originally from Pakistan and the piece features Urdu calligraphy forming the negative space around the famous opening lines of our constitution. The calligraphy is a transliteration of the US constitution.

What has touched me most about Form is their approach with artists. They truly understand my needs and Form Research & Development Fellowship program has been a Godsend. This fellowship matches every dollar I spend with the sponsorship of a dollar. The myth of the starving artist is very real, and while I do make a living, it’s very difficult to financially support the production of some of my projects. Thank you Form for making ideas come to life. We are already working on our second project and I look forward to continuing to build our relationship and amazing art as a result. (Image: Saks Afridi’s We the People through R&D 3D Print process.)

February 10, 2018

3DP Meetup

By popular demand we will partake in an upcoming 3DP Meetup and currently have a wait-list.

Contact for future tours!

February 6, 2018

See you there!

November 1, 2017

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