Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the size limitation of your printer?

A: Scale is essentially limitless. Parts are cut and nested to achieve optimal resolution and build density, regardless of scale. We can create casting panels or fully assembled sculptures at any scale requested.

Q: Are you printing in wax?

A: The prints are a porous acrylic material. For direct casting, we infuse the prints with wax, sealing the pores to prevent the ceramic slurry from saturating.

Q: Can you safely ship 3D Printed casting patterns to a foundry of my choosing?

A: Yes. We ship patterns near and far. We work with many foundries and will send our Burnout Best Practices guide to any foundries new to the process.

Q: Can I send you my scan data for Printing or Milling?

A: Yes, but... We prefer to use our own scan data, as it is the only way we can ensure you're getting optimum resolution and accuracy. If we feel your scan data is unsatisfactory, we may recommend that you have the piece re-scanned before printing.