February 14, 2018

An interview with 2017-2018 Form R&D Fellowship recipient, Saks Afridi.

Q: Seeing this translate from digital to print, what and how has your process been in creating the “We the People” piece?

Saks: Forming new collaborations and partnerships can be a tricky proposition for many artists but I personally find the experience quite exciting. I came into art from the world of advertising, where working with teams of specialists is common and the results, when done right, can be powerful.

The artwork is a sculpture called, ‘We the people’. It is a celebration of the immigration rigor and spirit that lives within the negative spaces in the fabric of our nation. I’m originally from Pakistan and the piece features Urdu calligraphy forming the negative space around the famous opening lines of our constitution. The calligraphy is a transliteration of the US constitution.

What has touched me most about Form is their approach with artists. They truly understand my needs and Form Research & Development Fellowship program has been a Godsend. This fellowship matches every dollar I spend with the sponsorship of a dollar. The myth of the starving artist is very real, and while I do make a living, it’s very difficult to financially support the production of some of my projects. Thank you Form for making ideas come to life. We are already working on our second project and I look forward to continuing to build our relationship and amazing art as a result. (Image: Saks Afridi’s We the People through R&D 3D Print process.)