September 1, 2020

From Digital to Material: Amy Ellingson’s New Works


We are proud to share an exhibition currently showing at Robischon Gallery in Denver, CO. We worked with artist Amy Ellingson to help transform her digital sculptures into real world objects for her show Firmament. Please take a tour of her work at the links provided and see her work in person while it is on display through September 19th.


“It was so great working with FORM- everything turned out exactly as I’d hoped.” ~ Amy Ellingson.


Image courtesy of Amy Ellingson.


Amy, on Firmament:¬†“I am interested in the experience of translating digital imagery into substantive objects via traditional, hands-on media and processes. The various manifestations of the data, in a range of mediums, are meant to suggest the trickle-down and omnipresent effects of digital information, degrading, mutating and reiterating over time.


“The exhibition will include three bronze sculptures. Each is derived from my Photoshop and Illustrator files that relate to the diptych. The imagery is adapted for 3D modeling, and manifests as hybrid forms that appear organic and synthetic at the same time. I view these as “seeds” that contain all of the data for the other works; or, contrarily, as “meteoric” forms that represent the paintings as compressed, compacted objects.”


One of Amy’s 3D printed wax infused sculptures at FORM, receiving a final finish before casting.

Finished bronze sculptures for Firmament. Images courtesy of Amy Ellingson.


To see her work, check out her website here, or visit the Robischon Gallery site for more info.